If you are here because you had a listing reported on a venue, or just want copyright information on my art, I hope this page will be useful to you.

As the artist, I own the copyright for all artwork I create. My art cannot be used for any purpose without my permission.  I send in infringement claims on any site where I find my art illegally used, such as Amazon and eBay (I am a member of the VeRO Program there).

I had some questions come up recently that I will address:

Q: I bought jewelry on another site and didn’t know it was fake so could you retract the copyright infringement claim?

A: The only reason I withdraw a complaint is if it turns out you bought an item from me and are reselling it. This has not happened yet. I make the jewelry I sell myself. I do not have licensing agreements with any manufacturing sites, especially those outside the US. I have seen counterfeits of my art on these sites and try to get it removed.

Please understand that the theft of my art and its misuse is not only a crime but one that has caused great harm and hardship to me and my family. If you were selling fakes you got from a sketchy site, the consequences of that is that you got a strike against you. You could seek remedy from the site where you bought the inventory but that is between you and them.

Q: I bought a print at a shop. Am I entitled to sell products from the image?

A: No. Even if you bought a print, or painting, from me, I retain the copyright. I cannot stress this enough. The only circumstances in which you could ever sell products with my art is if we enter into a licensing agreement (meaning that I would be financially compensated for the use of my art).

Q: Is it OK if I use a painting for a paint party?

A: No. Using my art to teach others to copy it is illegal.  This includes paint parties, accredited schools, or even just for fun.  I can’t express how distressing it is to see someone else taking credit for my work.

Q: Is it OK if I use your art for my business page, logo, marketing materials, products?

A: No. Again, that would only be OK if we enter into a licensing agreement.

Q: Is it OK if I use your art for tattoos?

A: If you are the person getting the tattoo, I would probably give my permission but, there again, the tattoo artist will be making money off my work. He or she would have to be well aware that they were not free to use the art for anyone else.

Q: Is it OK if I use your art as a banner for my personal facebook/twitter/social media?

A: That’s usually OK with me, but please let me know.  My main issue is that you are not using my art to make money in any way, shape or form.

Q: Can I copy a painting for my personal use or to learn?

A: It is illegal to copy my work without my permission for any reason.   I have found that to be a slippery slope.  I have seen a number of copies of my paintings on facebook, for example.  Those people probably didn’t start out thinking they’d take credit for my work but, I read the comments and all they say is, “thank you” when complimented so that’s what they’re doing.

A final thought…every piece of art was created by someone. And that person is entitled to compensation and recognition for the use of their art. If you want to sell products with artwork on them, approach the artist and ask about a licensing agreement. Anything else is theft and causes great harm to the artist.  It’s just plain wrong.